Corporate Meeting & 5-Star Incentive Flights

On each of our Boeing 737s, you will have up to 168 luxury coach seats, or 68 First Class Seats – or numerous combinations in between—ready to take your entire team to the best destinations for corporate meetings and recognition (Incentive Trips). It has never been more convenient, more efficient, or more enjoyable, to get your team together. You may be surprised that this blend of the ultimate in VIP treatment and peace of mind, is also a great value!

Wherever you are. Wherever you are going. Non-Stop. On your Schedule.

You can select from any departure airport to any destination, so if you prefer, you can avoid the big busy airport terminals, long lines, and connections.

Start your event before it begins, and keep it going after it ends.

When you fly your group on a Miami Air International 5-Star Incentive flight you can start the fun or get down to business right onboard. Deliver video presentations like recognition videos, event preview, or year in review. We’ll host innovative and fun team building challenges, or just play silly games to get the festivities going with your team. It’s your plane and your time, we’re happy to help you get the most from both. Some events may start even earlier. When flying your team from multiple destinations into an eligible connecting city to catch their 5-Star Incentive Flight, we can throw a hangar or gate party, or where available we can reserve a lounge.

Schedule your flight to fit your event schedule, rather than the other way around

It’s not only convenient and fast, but it frees up the most precious commodity (time) of your most valuable resource (your team). You spend more time at your event and less time getting there.

More exotic locations are within your reach… and budget.

The most powerful event memories come from more exotic locations. Some of the most exclusive resorts in North America in these destinations compensate for limited scheduled air service and higher airfares with extraordinary prices, compared to their tourist-saturated cousins that benefit from abundant low-priced air. You get more bang for your buck, with extraordinary properties and enduring positive impact for your participants.

Miami Air International 5-Star Incentive Flights

Understanding the complexities of organizing a major incentive event, we have leveraged our decades of experience to package services that dovetail into your planning process. Our goal is to blend the incentive trip experience into the pre-departure and inflight experience. By carrying over the concepts of exclusive service, pampering, and little surprises that bring smiles to the faces of our guests, the 5-Star Incentive Flight becomes part of the event and delivers more value for your incentive dollar. Highlights include:

  • Expedited Security Screening*
  • Comfortable and Convenient Resort check-in on return flight*
  • Personalized Pre-departure Newsletter tailored to event and specific charter destination
  • Highly Visible Check-In Branded for your event
  • Souvenir Boarding Card Branded with your event theme
  • Threshold to Adventure themed aircraft entrance*
  • Customized/Branded in flight communication
  • Video Conversion and onboard Presentation using inflight monitors
  • 5-Star Incentive Cuisine
  • Complimentary Beverages and Open Bar
  • Outbound Amenity kit designed specifically for your event
  • Departure Amenity Gift
  • Personal In-Flight Concierge
  • De-icing as needed
  • Unlimited Free Name Changes
  • All bags free
  • Planeside or Gate Welcome Reception and entertainment*+
  • Ability to modify schedule or hold plane for a limited under extenuating circumstances++
  • No Cancellation Guarantee

*Certain features are dependent upon airport or governmental agency approval, and may not be available in all cities.

+Additional Charge will apply.

++Schedule change for same travel dates, or dependent upon aircraft availability, and with advance notice to Miami Air International. Aircraft will be held up to one hour for customer convenience delays. Additional delays may be accommodated based upon operational impact and a fee may apply.

Four Questions to Ask when chartering an aircraft:

Can you provide details of the airline's financial strength?
Your company has enjoyed a level of financial success that makes this incentive trip possible. You want to make sure the investment is safe. Miami Air International has operated profitably for 23 years, is debt free, has $1 Billion liability insurance, and protects your deposits in a secure escrow account. As you shop around, it’s important to ask other charter airlines if they are operating in bankruptcy, and if so, what happens if it ceases operations? What level of insurance do they have? How will they handle flight disruptions, and how is your deposit protected?
What do you know about the airlines' Safety Commitment?
We know you are entrusting the safety of your best and brightest team members to us, and we want you to know about our best in class safety program. You should ask any charter airline if they can share their documented program, and if they have completed level 4 of the FAA Safety Management System pilot program. This is the latest, most comprehensive approach to safety.
Is the airline providing a Flight Operation Guarantee?
Miami Air International is pleased to provide the “Miami Air International Guarantee” to all of our Incentive customers. While unforeseen situations can arise at any time, we will make sure that your group gets to its destination. Any carrier you are considering should commit to do the same, if they experience a mechanical failure or other cancellation, even if it means bringing in another airline. Regardless of the airline size or financial backing, you should get this in writing. Simply offering a refund on the day your event begins is not an acceptable resolution.
Is the airline delivering a 5-Star Incentive Flight Experience?
The recognition trip experience begins at check-in for the exclusive private jet experience. The celebratory atmosphere, the hassle free experience, and red-carpet service are just a part of it. All of the details and tailored service demonstrate that we understand what this trip is all about and we want to make sure every passenger feels recognized and rewarded. And the special “extras” do not cost extra at Miami Air International. As you shop, make sure to ask how the charter airline enhances the experience at the airport, on board, and at the destination. Ask if they model there offering after the service quality provided by 5-Star resorts.