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Civic Express Flights

We know that community service organizations, faith-based groups, local civic clubs, chambers, and government agencies are looking for the best value in transportation for their special event. It is an extraordinary occasion that brings them to us, and we pride ourselves on putting together the most economical package of services without compromising on our Miami Air International quality.

Additionally, we are pleased to provide several upgrade options including meal service, special security and check-in options, seat re-configuration. We also offer a protection package that includes de-icing, up to 1-hour holds on the plane for guest convenience, and limited advance scheduling flexibility should your group’s needs change prior to departure.

Many of our Civic Express Flights guests are new to charter, and we are happy to explain all of the details, and work through any special requests. Additional information is available on our “New to Charter” page in FAQ format on this site.

Civic Express Flight Features

These flights are available on a limited basis during non-peak travel periods. Guests on Civic Express Flights enjoy the key benefits of an exclusive charter including:

  • 168 Leather Coach Seats
  • Departure and Destination airports tailored to their specific needs including private terminal options, without connections
  • Unlimited name changes at no additional charge
  • No restrictions or additional charges for baggage (including special items like band equipment, sports gear, mobility assist vehicles, exhibition materials, etc.)
  • Miami Air International Guarantee
  • Standard Beverage Service

Three Questions to Ask when chartering an aircraft:

Can you provide details of the airline's financial strength?
Chartering an aircraft for your group is a significant investment. You want to make sure the investment is safe. Miami Air International has operated profitably for 23 years, is debt free, has $1 Billion liability insurance, and protects your deposits in a secure escrow account. As you shop around, it’s important to ask other charter airlines if they are operating in bankruptcy, and if so, what happens if it ceases operations? What level of insurance do they have? How will they handle flight disruptions, and how is your deposit protected?
What do you know about the airlines' Safety Commitment?
We know you are entrusting the safety of your best and brightest team members to us, and we want you to know about our best in class safety program. You should ask any charter airline if they can share their documented program, and if they have completed level 4 of the FAA Safety Management System pilot program. This is the latest, most comprehensive approach to safety.
Is the airline providing a Flight Operation Guarantee?
Miami Air International is pleased to provide the “Miami Air International Guarantee” to all of our Incentive customers. While unforeseen situations can arise at any time, we will make sure that your group gets to its destination. Any carrier you are considering should commit to do the same, if they experience a mechanical failure or other cancellation, even if it means bringing in another airline. Regardless of the airline size or financial backing, you should get this in writing. Simply offering a refund on the day your event begins is not an acceptable resolution.