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Miami Air International provides private group air transportation, or charter flights, using a modern fleet of 737 aircraft, configured with entirely first-class seating, all luxury-coach seating , or flexible combinations of first class and coach. The company tailors the pre-departure and inflight experiences to meet the unique needs of its diverse customer base, including:

“5-Star Incentive Flights” reflect the standards of 5-Star Resorts that are often used for incentive reward travel. Organizations are able to take their best and brightest employees and business partners to more unique incentive destinations, at a tremendous value, while allowing the special recognition festivities to begin even before leaving home.

“Platinum VIP Flights”are ideal for public figures, including government dignitaries and entertainers looking for privacy and convenience, often to unique locations and almost always on a rigid schedule.

“Team Jet” and “Team Jet Pro” both address the logistical concerns that sports teams face throughout the course of their season; evolving schedules, game anomalies like overtime, play-off schedules, and even seasonal weather issues are considered in packaging these services. With Team Jet Pro, we add additional features that address the concerns for privacy, convenience, and comfort expected by high profile professional athletes.

Civic Express Flights are geared to the budgetary and accountability requirements of civic, academic and other community organizations.

Our Global Charter Service

Miami Air International is a U.S. based FAA certified Part 121 Flag Carrier which flies strictly as a charter airline. This means that we rent our aircraft to customers needing an entire plane – typically for groups of 68 to 168 people. We do not sell individual tickets for flights.

With consistent profitable operations since 1990, Miami Air International is a financially solid, privately held company, and has been recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration for its industry-leading Safety Management System.


In August 1990 a group of 15 airline industry veterans, headed by George Lyall and Ross Fischer, launched Miami Air. The team set out with modest intentions for the carrier to operate two aircraft around the Caribbean for vacations, but the airline has expanded with service across the globe and a premier product line that is customizable for virtually any private group.

George Lyall who had a long career at Eastern Air Lines and Pan Am World Airways was Chairman and Ross Fischer who had run System Operations at People Express and Eastern Airlines was President. Miami Air International was established in August 1990 and started operations in October 1991 using two Boeing 727-200 aircraft.

By 2000, the fleet had grown to 8 Boeing 727 aircraft and revenues in excess of $100 million. That year, a consortium led by Eagle Global Logistics purchased a majority stake in the company. The fleet was refreshed with new Boeing 737-800s, as the 727s were slated for conversion to cargo aircraft, operating under the Quest International name. The events of September 11, 2001 drove changes in the industry, resulting in significant decline in cargo demand, and the company’s exit from cargo service.

At the same time, there was a significant increase in demand from the military business, enabling The Company's passenger business to thrive, as it also grew in a number of customer segments. In 2005, TSI Holding Company, already one of the company owners, bought the remaining shares of the company. Today, Miami Air International with its Boeing 737-800s remains a leader in what is known as “ad hoc charter”. The broad base of customers includes sport teams, corporate incentive groups, the entertainment industry, and various governments and agencies. The company is also the carrier of choice for cruise lines, tour operators, schools, and community organizations. Its Boeing 737-400s are generally configured with all first class seating and are chartered mostly by professional sports teams. Its operations are worldwide covering every continent except Antarctica and it lands at more airfields annually than any other US carrier.