Miami Air International FLT 293 Recovery Efforts
As previously posted, Miami Air International, through its insurer, Allianz Insurance, has contracted with BMS CAT, a company specializing in incident recovery operations, to remove, inventory, and clean the baggage that was located in the plane’s cargo hold, and then return the baggage to their rightful owners. All baggage is now ready for passenger retrieval.

In order to claim baggage, passengers should log in to a secure website, created by BMS CAT, to identify his/her baggage and its contents. Miami Air has provided a username and password to individual passengers for the secure website. If any passengers have not received the login information from Miami Air, they should call BMS CAT at its designated toll free number (866-810-3713) and reference Miami Air 293 for the information. The secure log-in website is

Once baggage ownership has been established, BMS CAT will return the items to the respective passengers. The signing of a formal Release will not be required. (We note that some passengers may have been notified about a Release requirement for the return of their baggage. However, the Release strictly concerned the few personal items that were taken out of the aircraft cabin that had not yet been thoroughly cleaned.).

If you have any additional questions regarding the baggage retrieval process, please call the BMS CAT designated toll free number (866-810-3713) and a representative will assist you.

We remain in close contact with Allianz concerning the response efforts. As additional information becomes available, we will provide updates on this page.

For all inquiries please contact the Allianz Aviation Claims Department; 1-212-823-8988.

For up-to-date information check our website at

Tuesday, July 2, 2019